Storing away Household Goods in your Garage
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Top Tips for Storing Household Goods in a Garage

Storing away your everyday household goods could be the result of many different situations. It could be because you want to declutter your home, redecorate a room or because your kids have moved out. Whatever it may be, inStore Storage has…
Tips on what not to store
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Top 5 Tips on What Not To Store

Our Top 5 Recommendations for what not to store may seem simple and self explanatory enough, but you’d be surprised by how many people try to put these into storage. Animals, Humans and Plants. Alive or Dead – Storage Units are not…
moving in together

Top Tips - Moving in together

Compromise is the basis of a good relationship, so they say, but already I digress, we're into February already and the year is fleeting past and the thought struck me this is probably the moment most couples or considering moving in together.…
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How to Declutter Your Business: What to Store and What to Throw Away

The coming of spring is the perfect time to give your business a bit of a spring clean and declutter. It is always amazing how much paraphernalia accumulates overt the year and it is definitely worth taking a small amount of time at the end…

Top Tips - Swapping Winter Storage for Spring

Spring is on its way - it's time to start thinking about swapping your storage! Using self-storage to store items not in-season helps free up space in your house as well as helping give you that spring feeling and a fresh start to the season.…

Techniques for avoiding breakages

It is important for you peace of mind when moving house that you are confident that your possessions are not going to be damaged during any stage of the moving process. There are many ways in which you can help put your mind at ease and ensure…

Storing belongings to sell your home

When preparing to put your house on the market, you need to ensure that your home is not cluttered with all of your belongings first. Here are some top tips on what to put in storage when selling your home and where to put your belongings. What…

Cardboard Boxes - Where to get them and what to do with them after a move

Packing up the house in time for a move is always an arduous task. Where do you start? As well as offering professional removal service, inStore can also advise and assist you through the process moving house by yourself. Acquiring boxes There…
Top Tips for Keeping Neighbours Happy When Moving with inStore

Top Tips – Keeping Neighbours Happy When Moving In

Moving into a new area will generally involve getting to know your neighbours, and while you may feel like you don’t have the time, it is worth making an effort to introduce yourself to those around you and will help you settle in to your…
wine storage

Best Practices For Wine Storage

When you love wine than you are entering a whole world of wine knowledge and opinions. What makes a good wine, what you should eat with what wine, how to savour the taste, how to look after your wine, what etc. it’s all about the most enjoyable…