Specialist Storage

Many of the most precious pieces are also fragile, intricate or an unusual shape.

inStore understands the packing and stowing process required for the items that don’t fit neatly into cardboard. Each and every one of these demands specialist treatment. Every piece is carefully packed for safe keeping over the duration of its stay.

inStore applies its expertise to manage each task appropriately: from the valuable antique clock to the hefty grand piano,

Long experience working with auctioneers, antique dealers and valuers ensures that inStore provides the safe environment and careful preservation of specialist and valuable items.

Once in store nothing is disturbed prior to collection.

Julian Rogers

I’m on the road all day every day, one auction after the next. inStore is really helpful in supporting that, and available whenever needed.

A little reliability and loyalty goes a long way in the antiques world. And inStore has both in spades.

Dorset Auctioneers

Having a storage company nearby is highly convenient. We need to access our Clients’ pieces on a daily basis; and inStore offers us that opportunity.

Highly recommended.

Sussex Auctioneer

We are pleased to recommend InStore, whose service is excellent and exceeded our expectations. They also deliver with competence, which is a bonus.

Mike Durkey, Castlehouse Restoration

… After all that effort, the thought of handing that escritoire over for carriage to anyone other than Tony would have been too demoralising to imagine. I knew everything would go according to plan, and it did.

Thanks Tony. One less thing to worry about.

One very specialist Collector

Mark Etherington reassured me from the start. As a dealer himself, he understands. But well done inStore : a difficult move out of London (all those stairs!), and careful deposit the other end.

I am delighted to endorse the company, and will certainly be using inStore again for anything of the sort.

High Value Storage

By being consistently reliable inStore has proudly built strong long-term relationships with auctioneers, valuers and antique dealers. These professionals know they can always call us when needed.

We have the space to store the largest items. The environment to store the most precious pieces. Plus the experience to  treat every one of them appropriately.

Over the years we have stored fine art, rare volumes and valuable collections. Our Teams are regularly called upon to organise the containment of classic pieces and movements to and from the Saleroom.

For specialist consultations, call 01963 616161. Ask for Antiques and Rare Items.